Krista Verlinde, Vice President, called the Divide County Library Board meeting to order at 5:10 PM.  The following board members were present: Krista Verline, Marissa Ratcliff-Cox, Rita Stewart, and Librarian Traci Lund.  Carol Williams joined via Zoom. A motion to approve the September 23, 2021 board meeting minutes as presented was made by Marissa andContinue reading “DIVIDE COUNTY LIBRARY BOARD MEETING – January 18, 2022”

Social Media Policy

Divide County Public Library Divide County Public Library’s Facebook Page is a place for patrons to share opinions about library-related subjects/issues.  Comments are welcome and will be reviewed prior to publishing.  The following will be removed by Divide County Public Library’s editors before being published: Potentially libelous comments Obscene comments Racist comments and hate speechContinue reading Social Media Policy

Divide County Library Gift and Donation Policy

The Divide County Library welcomes gifts of library materials, money or real property. These gifts help enrich and improve public library resources. a) Monetary contributions are added to the library’s Donation Fund, which is allocated by the Library Board and Library Director for purchase of materials or programs too expensive or specialized for the operatingContinue reading “Divide County Library Gift and Donation Policy”

Reconsideration Policy

Intellectual Freedom The Divide County Library is committed to the principles of intellectual freedom and affirms the American Library Association’s Freedom to Read statement and the Library Bill of Rights.  As such, materials representing diverse viewpoints on topics, including controversial ones, are actively collected.  Selection of an item does not indicate that the Library, itsContinue reading “Reconsideration Policy”

Display and Distribution of Community Materials Policy

Items that publicize community, county, and local organizations and events that further the role of the Library the central source or civic, cultural, education, and recreational information.  The Library welcomes and encourages the display of such information. Bulletin board display space is available for community organizations to disseminate information. Only one copy of a noticeContinue reading “Display and Distribution of Community Materials Policy”

Divide County Library Circulation Policy

Divide County Library Circulation Policy Service Policy: Circulation The goal of the Divide County Public Library is to have citizens use the collection as much as they need and want. However, the library has to ensure equitable access to circulating materials for all library users and therefore established specific loan periods. The Divide County PublicContinue reading “Divide County Library Circulation Policy”

Board Meeting

DIVIDE COUNTY LIBRARY BOARD MEETING – September 23, 2021 Cynthia Bummer called the Divide County Library Board meeting to order at 5:05 PM.  The following board members were present: Cynthia Bummer, Marissa Ratcliff-Cox, Commissioner Tim Selle, Krista Verlinde, Carol Williams and Traci Lund, Librarian. A motion to approve the May 19, 2021 board meeting minutesContinue reading “Board Meeting”