The Crosby Library was founded under the leadership of Mrs. Guy Grove in 1912.  In 1913, the first building was built at the north end of Main Street, in what is now the court house square.  In 1918, due to the war, volunteers were not to be found, so the books were turned over to Crosby High School for a period of one year, which stretched into 11 years.

In 1929, The Divide County Library and Museum Association was formed.  Mrs. L.R. Murray was the first Librarian.  I 1937, the library was growing and needed new housing so it moved to the basement of the Community Hall.  The museum was discontinued in 1957.

In 1951, a filmstrip library was established for the use of the schools.  This grew to 1715 filmstrips and four projectors.  With the inventions of videos, CD’s, DVD’s etc., the filmstrip collection was discarded in 2000.

Again, the library was outgrowing its space, so they purchased the old Moose Lodge Building in 1957.  The museum was reativated in the basement in 1961.  Mrs. Engel Lokken was the first curator followed by Mrs. Agnes Berg.  In 1967, the Library Board urged the community to establish a Historical Society to operate the museum.  Thus in 1970, the moved the museum to the Pioneer Village.

In 1961, we shared a bookmobile with Burke County.  This continued for 1 1/2 years until Burke County voted it down.  The headquarters were in the Divide County Library

1962 celebrated 50 years of library Service in Crosby.

1965 started with a station at Fortuna in an old bookmobile purchased from the State Library, with books being exchanged periodically.  This was eventually moved into the school.  In 1967, the bookmobile was moved to Noonan until 1975 when they moved into a room in the school.

1970, the Library received $50,000 from the estate of the late Frank Kirchoffer.  1/4 of this was shared with the Hitorical Society.  In 1971, we had plans drawn up by an architect to enlarge the present building.  But before work began, the Crosby High School burned.  It was then decided to combine the new Public Library with the new Elementary School Library in one corner of the school.  Mrs. Ruth Ralph was the director at this time, and initiated the partnership.  The building was completed in March 1974.  So again, the Divide County Library was known throughout the state as beig the first to plan, construct and operate a Public/School Combination Library.  The old library was sold and used to house three apartments.

In approximately 1987, we bought a microfilm reader, and the local residents bouht the newspapers from the beginning of the County up to the present on microfilm.  We have all of the papers from the area.

Mrs. Ruth Ralph Koppang retired in May 1991, after 34 years of dedicated service.  During which time she pioneered many firsts for the library, making it known throughout the State.

Mrs. Dorene Wenstad succeeded her as Director in 1991.  Dorene was with the library until 2005 when she decided to step down.  Replacing her was Leslie Deering.  Mrs Deering worked as Director until 2008.  In 2009 Traci Lund was hired to direct the Library.  Mrs Lund is enjoying the creativity and structure the library has to offer.  She is excited to bring new technologies and programming for all to enjoy.

2014 was an incredible summer when Divide County received yet another donation from Jon Phelps.  With this donation the library was able to do a grand makeover.  The children’s area received new shelving, larger than life mural, the entire library was painted and shelving was rearranged.

Summer 2016, the Elementary School went under a massive renovation of their own with a new heating and cooling system, security, and 4 room additions.  It was at this time that the late Olga Rite made a lasting donation of $60,000+ to the library.  Due to construction, the storage room needed to be cleaned out to help move along the construction.  We took this opportunity to redesign the entire backroom with new shelving and a new layout.

Divide County Public Library has been overwhelmed with its patron support over the years.  The only way we can do what we do is because of you.  We are DC!

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

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