Krista Verlinde, Vice President, called the Divide County Library Board meeting to order at 5:10 PM.  The following board members were present: Krista Verline, Marissa Ratcliff-Cox, Rita Stewart, and Librarian Traci Lund.  Carol Williams joined via Zoom.

A motion to approve the September 23, 2021 board meeting minutes as presented was made by Marissa and seconded by Rita. Motion passed.

Financials- Review of financials.  Library was below budget for 2021.  North Dakota State Library had granted funds for libraries for databases, etc.  Every little bit of savings helped.  

5:14 P.M. Tim Selle, County Commissioner, joined meeting via phone call.

Librarian’s Report

2022 To Do List

JNF (Juvenile Nonfiction) Weeding of books using CREW Method.  With the shelves not as crowded, kids are noticing and excited about the remaining books. 

Diversity Audit has not started. It is useful to know what we have in the library collection.

Technology Plan Update

Strategic Plan Update

110 years celebration – Planning on having cake and celebration around the Threshing Bee (3rd weekend of July).

                MAC-A-Bee Book Club is reading and having an author discussion.

Old Business

ND State Library Grant – Local History – Received grant for $9,000.  Tierany Johnson is working with local community members to create oral histories of multiple generations.  Plans are to play it at the Threshing Bee and have it available at the library and YouTube. 

New Business

Election of Officers – Krista Verline, President, Marissa Ratcliffe, Vice President, Carol Williams, Secretary

Motion made by Marissa to approve nominations. Seconded by Rita.  Unanimously passed.

Gift and Donation Policy updated.  Following the de-selection policy of the library, donated materials will be removed from the collection and donated or disposed of depending on the condition of the material.

Social Media and Interlibrary Loan Policies updated. Fines and Replacement costs of loaned material is subject to the lending library’s policy. 

3% Raise -County employees received 3% raise in 2022.  Motion made by Rita to give Divide County Library employees a 3% raise.  Seconded by Marissa.  Unanimously passed.

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Rita, seconded by Marissa.  Meeting ended 5:50 PM

Next meeting: March


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