January 2020 Minutes


5:02PM:  Cindi Bummer, Library Board Vice President, called the Divide County Library Board meeting to order.  The following were present:  Cindi Bummer, Carol Williams, Krista Verlinde, Marissa Ratcliffe-Cox, Tim Selle, & Traci Lund. 


  • Last board meeting was on December 8, 2020 – minutes were provided to all members for review.  MOTION TO APPROVE MINUTES AS PRESENTED by Tim, 2nd by Carol – unanimously passed.



  • Overall – sitting well financially.  Update – we are under budget approximately 18%.
  • Note – the library has not been charging library fines for late or lost books during COVID.  In addition, donations are less than typically received and miscellaneous income is low due to less library patron traffic.



  • Donation
  • Summer Reading – Traci continues to move forward with plans to participate in the Summer Reading program in-person.  If needed, Traci is committed to hosting Summer Reading activities outdoors.  Traci announced that the theme for 2021 is “Tails & Tales.”
  • Legislative Report – Traci recently submitted written testimony, including a letter to a member on the legislative education board in support of ND State Library funding.  More to come.
  • Staffing – Denise Benson is in AZ for the winter months, so Traci & Paulette are covering all library shifts.



  • COVID-19:
    • Storytime:  this has not returned to in-person, Traci would like to re-visit virtual vs. in-person storytime during March’s board meeting.
    • Traci & Paulette are both ok with reducing restrictions at the library (ex:  limited time on computers, restrictions on ages, etc.).  Note, they will continue to follow their sanitizing and cleaning protocols.
  • Lighting Grant:
    • Dr. Hirning, DCSD Superintendent was approved for the Lighting Grant he applied for, which also was to benefit the library.  In December over Christmas Break ALL the lights were changed out – including the main area, hallway, bathrooms, storage area, etc.  Thank you Dr. Hirning.



  • Election of Officers:
    • Nominations made as follows:
      • Cindi Bummer – President
      • Krista Verlinde – Vice President
      • Carol Williams – Secretary
    • Motion made by Carol to approve nominations, 2nd by Cindi – unanimously passed.
  • State Aid Applications/Webinar:
    • Traci participated stated that the January Webinar was coming up.
    • Traci will be working with Gail at the Courthouse in regards to state aid.
  • Annual Report/Webinar:
    • Traci completed the annual report today, Jan. 13th – Feb. 1st it opens.
    • Traci discussed her frustration with many engagement pre-recorded videos she has made, which are not counting based on report requirements – only live videos are eligible.  Also, due to reduced hours because of COVID, only appointments by patrons are counted.  COVID and Outreach sections have been added to the reporting.
  • Framing the Future:  Advancing Strategic Planning in Small and Rural Libraries
    • This will be with 5 states.
    • 100% Virtual (in next couple of months).
    • Will include speakers – topics include racial literacy, diversity, naming/framing oppression, etc.
  • Fine Free:
    • Traci would like the board to consider moving to a “Fine Free” library.
    • Note – no fines have been collected during COVID.
    • Charges would still be incurred for patrons that loose books or damage books.
    • Traci estimates around $250 in fee income yearly in past.
    • Statements would still be issued to patrons.
    • This was discussed with Librarian Megan Wissbrod – who also agrees with going fine free.
    • Late fines currently max out at $5/per book.
    • Will re-address at March’s meeting.


5:35PM:  Meeting Adjourned.  Next meeting is planned for March 2021 – TBA.


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