Why do you love YA?

A better question would be “Why don’t you love YA books”? YA books awesome! (Even to adults!) YA books, in my opinion, are the building blocks for our kids moving onward and upward with reading.  When they are in elementary school the books are silly and mainly based on fictional over the top stories. BUT when it comes to that transition into YA well now we are talking about things that really matter…well at least to a13 year old that is-  families, relationships, vampires and things that truely spark an intrest into our kids young minds.

We have been super lucky to put our name in the drawing to win 50…no that is not a typo 50 Signed YA Books for our library. This would be a HUGE!! AWESOME!! SPECTACULAR!! Basically the coolest thing since slice bread if we won this contest.  Check out Beth Revis Blog and all the books we could potentially win! Cross your fingers!


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